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High Quality IT- and SAP Project Services

Product number: 000001

Management Level Business Cases. Inspiration about IT/SAP product opportunities and best practices. Estimating the cost side, supporting and calculation of the benefit side.

Building the Business Case

Product number: 000002

Professional planning and estimation of IT/SAP Project/Program according to Prince II standard and SAP best practices or on demand.

Plan and Estimate the Project

Product number: 000003

Product number: 000004

Responsibility of full delivery, or phased delivery, of IT/SAP projects. Risk/Reward and Fixed pricing on demand. Prince II, SAP Best Practice Methodology or on demand.

Deliver the Project from A-Z

Product number: 000005

Product number: 000006

Professional management of IT/SAP Project/Program according to Prince II standard and SAP best pratices or on demand.

Manage the Project

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Acting as advisor to the customer steering committee.

Steering Committee advisor/member in the Project

Setup the Project/Program teams with roles and responsibilities. On demand identifying candidates and sourcing team.

Setup Project Organization

Architect of the full Solution in the IT/SAP Project/Program. Business, Application and Technical integration responsibility.

Solution Architect in the Project

Building  the full Project/Program plan e.g. Scope, Business Goals, Business Value Realization plan, CSF´s, Risks, Test strategies, Change Management, Trainining, Schedule, Estimates



Building the Project Charter

Experience in other areas hereunder Out Sourcing, Requirement Specification, Tender Processes, Off-shore Programming, Change Management, Training, Testing, Application Integration, Data Conversion...

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Discovering the IT/SAP Project/Program. High Level Scope, High Level Scenarios, High Level Plan, Budgetary Estimates.

Discover the Project (Prestudy)

Define rollout plans  for the IT/SAP Project/program. Support management in decision making about rollout. Evaluation of rollout partners and offshore programmers. Optimize costs, risks and benefits.

Rollout planning

Diagnosing and recommending a recepie in the problematic IT/SAP Project/Program. Executing the recepie on demand.

Project Doctor

Professional review of  the IT/SAP Project/Program according to Prince II standard and SAP best pratices or on demand. Fixed price on demand.

Review the Project